Banking/Financial Institutions


  • Prudent lending standards
  • Lender liability
  • Directors' and Officers' liability
  • Customary borrower/lender relations
  • Loan quality evaluation
  • Allowance for loan loss methodology
  • Loan policies and procedures
  • Loan administration standards
  • Loan committee duties and responsibilities
  • Loan file documentation standards
  • Loan underwriting documentation standards
  • Collateral evaluation and documentation standards

commercially reasonable banking

  • Teller operations standards
  • Operations policies and procedures
  • Duties of a financial intermediary
  • Customary duties and responsibilities between a bank and its deposit customers
  • Monetary item presentment standards
  • ACH and wire transfer standards
  • Bank official checks

Economic Damages

  • Damage analysis - bank lending
  • Economic damage analysis
  • Damage rebuttal

Forensic Accounting

  • Funds tracing
  • Taxation/tax return analysis
  • Domestic dispute/divorce
  • Accountant's malpractice